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Hi, friends! I thought I'd give you guys an update on what's been happening as of late. I sometimes share updates over on my Snapchat, but not everyone follows me there, so I'm giving everyone a chance to know what's up (lol).

...Hmmmm, where should I start?...

Well...I feel like I've been working like crazy, but not really. I know that doesn't make any sense, but  I have a full-time job and......



Yes, I'm searching for my very first home!! I'm so excited and extremely nervous. Not to mention, this process is more stressful than I thought it would be; I've found myself constantly looking at listings online and at listings my agent's sending me, as well as viewing the homes in person, talking to lenders....*sigh* it's never ending (lol). I don't want to move too quickly and make a decision I'll regret next year, you know? Because I won't be leasing. This is the REAL DEAL, so I have to be sure. :)

I'm still working on the YouTube channel. No videos up just yet, but things are shaking and moving. If you guys have anything you'd like to see, share in the comments below!!

That's it for now. Keep spreading love and joy!!

XO, Deanna


I've been obsessing over loafers since they came back on the scene....actually....I don't think loafers have ever left the scene, BUT they're definitely extremely popular right now. I've had a pair, or two, at a younger age, but I, of course, didn't know they were a 'thing' and may have thrown them in the trash as a result (lol). Well, I want a new pair now.

There are so many styled loafers. From the classic loafer all the way to the mule loafer. It's insane the amount of options there are to choose from, which is why I still haven't purchased a pair. I believe everyone needs a classic black loafer, however those are even hard to choose. The comfort level, the shape and the price all play a major role. I'd recommend browsing the web first, before impulse buying. Usually, you have more options online AND there are more coupons and discounts. So today, I'm sharing a few that I've been eyeing from inexpensive to luxury.

XO, Deanna


Hey guys! 

Yesterday, I made a trip to the eye doctor because...well...I haven't been in 3 years (lol), but my eyes are in good standing, no damage has been done AND I have new contacts *cheers*!! Today, I'm talking about closet staples. You know, the items you can mix and match with practically anything. The white button down, and/or white tee, is probably the most versatile piece you will ever own. It's great for work, church, school, night out on the town, and so much more. Then, you have your basic black sandal that can easily elevate a casual look and looks chic when paired with a lovely dress. One of my favorite styled bags is the cross body. Small enough to not be in the way, but big enough to carry your essentials. Not to mention, you're completely hands free when carrying this style. I topped this look off with one of my favorite pair of distressed skinnies. I typically go for a more comfortable denim. Not necessarily a jegging, but definitely a stretch-like material.

I used to be a statement jewelry girl. As my personal style grows, I realize simple and delicate jewelry will suffice. Of course if the attire calls for it, I'll wear a statement necklace. However, in most cases, I'm not wearing anything where it's necessary.

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XO, Deanna


Hi friends!! I hope to find you all in great health. I've been working really hard on my YouTube channel, so hopefully, I'll have my first video up sometime this month!! I'm so excited!! Speaking of excitement, I've clearly been digging wearing stripes as of late, and I feel great about it (lol). Such a comfy and relaxed look with boyfriend jeans and this flowy top from H&M. I paired it with some pumps just to spice it up a bit, and the slouchy crossbody, which actually came inside of a tote, adds a little flavor, too.

Top | Jeans | Shoes | Bag

XO, Deanna
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