Like most humans, I'm obsessed with my iPhone. Mostly because of my blog and partly because my day job is working in the field of technology. 

I can be a bit anal when it comes to organizing my apps, but what can I say?! I like being able to find exactly what I'm looking for without the hassle. Besides, I hate seeing those red notifications everywhere; at least they'll be in central locations. Anyways, I thought I'd share some of my fav apps with you all. Don't be afraid to share yours! 

I limit myself to one page of apps. Thank God for folders, right?! 

{SN: my background is a photo of Rihanna at the Grammy's. So cute!}

Highlights of standalone apps:
Camera: Who doesn't love a good 'ole selfie? I also utilize the camera to capture sweet moments.

Clock: This is probably one of my most used apps. The alarm clock is a life saver because let's be honest, Atlanta's traffic is the absolute worst. Don't wanna be late for work!

Bible: Daily devotions really helps throughout each week. Have to stay grounded.

OneDrive: Although my iPhone automatically backup to iCloud, OneDrive is my absolute favorite cloud. Kudos to Microsoft! Because I have Office 365, I have 1TB of cloud storage. One whole terabyte of storage FOR FREE! That's literally space for everything I own on any electronic device.

Fav folders?

Obviously Social Media would be my number one fav. Yes, the apps are in order from favs to least favs. My addiction to Pinterest is real. 

The Shopping folder would be my second favorite. These apps are not in any particular order and I need to delete a couple, but I highly recommend downloading RetailMeNot, Walmart (Savings Catcher tool), Cartwheel, and Starbucks. Thank me later. 

Photo Editing and Games are folders I utilize the most when I have a lot of down time. VSCOcam is by far my favorite photo editing app. Trivia Crack is so addictive, but I'm not that great [lol]; I've only won 13 games. Also, SmartGlass for Xbox One is so perfect. Being able to control my Xbox from my phone is such a great feeling. 

Last, but not least, my Music & Such folder. Favies: Shazam, Podcasts, and Xfinity TV Go. I listen to my iPod whenever I'm driving, however when I'm not driving, and I'm not interested in the music others are listening to, Spotify is the way to go. 

Have any apps that you love?! Feel free to share. I try to keep my apps at a minimum, but love finding new favs. 

Have a lovely day!
XO, Deanna


  1. Lol mine is the exact same way! Only one page for apps but I have like a million of them separated into folders, I HATE the red notifications Bc they just irk me if they're unchecked and I organize my apps by how often i use them. Trivia crack is really cool but I always forget to respond after its my turn. People take too long 😂. Good post -FreakkinAmazing


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