So it's 2015 and you're looking for a fresh start. The best way to start over? Declutter EVERYTHING. When thinking of decluttering, most think physical spaces (i.e: closet, storage room, etc.). Getting rid of things you don't wear anymore, or use anymore, can be clarifying. 

But why just declutter physical spaces? Your cell phone and laptop probably have the most clutter of all your belongings. Do you really need 1,000 selfies in your camera roll? Or how about those documents from college that are still saved on your laptop? Think about it; you don't, but have no fear, I'm here to help! :)

Start with your cell phone. Delete those apps you no longer need/use. Delete those games you no longer play, and dare I say it, delete those photos that are just taking up space from your camera roll. You free up space and you also help to keep your phone running smoothly.

Now, moving on to your computer. Go to your documents folder. You may have to look through thoroughly (read everything) before deleting, but go ahead and delete those files you don't need. If applicable, delete those apps you don't need/use. Duplicate music files can go, as well. Oh yea! Don't forget about the photos, if they hold no substance, delete them. Lastly, those programs that are just out of date and unused should be gone. Once you've freed up all that space, you'll notice a huge difference in your computer's performance. 

BTW, if you just cannot let go of your documents, music and photos, still remove them from your devices, but save it to a cloud (i.e: OneDrive, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.). This way, they won't be deleted forever, just stored up in the clouds.

Happy decluttering!
XO, Deanna

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