Hey guys!! I've been promising since April to share some goodies I received, or purchased, at the Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Healthy Lifestyle Event....why is that name so long? [Lol] Anyway, I was invited to attend and to share my thoughts, but to be honest, my experience wasn't the best. I'm not going to go into great detail because that's not what this post is about; it's about the products. :)

As mentioned before, some of the products were gifts and the rest were purchased by yours truly. The great thing about expos is most times, you get items at an extremely discounted price, which is a win!  You also get samples, but I usually give those away. Now on to the goods, starting with my favs, and don't worry, I got you with the links.

T.G.I.N., or better known as Thank God It's Natural, Honey Miracle Deep Conditioner... Y'all.... best hair mask ever. It smells amazing and feels amazing on my hair. I go through it pretty quickly. It retails around $20 in store, but at the expo I scored 2 for $20. I, of course, have already used the first one, and I'm half way done with the last one, but it's well worth the investment!

The Mane Choice Soft As Can Be Revitalize & Refresh 3-in-1 Co-Wash, Leave In, Detangler... This is detangling magic! I made a joke on Twitter the other day saying that idk what crack Courtney puts in the product, but my hair loves it [lol]. My hair truly loves this product. I only use it as a rinse out conditioner, but it really makes my hair super easy to detangle. It retails for about $14, but I got it for half off at the expo!! The entire booth was 50% off, by the way. I just chose to purchase this one item.

Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Leave In Conditioner is my favorite leave in, and before I discovered T.G.I.N., the Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask was a favorite, also. T.G.I.N. obviously stole my heart, but it's ok, because I'm going to recommend the Curls hair mask, too! The entire Blueberry Bliss line smells like a sea of blueberries; SO GOOD!! Honestly, Curls didn't have that great of a discount on their products at the expo, but I purchased anyway. The leave in retails for $12, but I purchased it for $10.

As you can see, I have a lot of Lotta Body products, and that's because their products came together as a set at the expo. Not pictured, is the satin scarf and cute clear drawstring bag holding everything. Lotta Body's products are typically inexpensive with items ranging from $3 - $10. I got the entire set for $10 at the expo. I'm not really sure if that was a deal or not [lol], but we're gonna roll with it and say that it was a deal. I've tested the edge control and the style pudding, and I will say that I like them both. The edge control isn't drying and lays your edges (as expected), and the style pudding makes my hair feel soft! 

Lastly, we have Taliah Waajid's products. I've never tried any of her products, and I honestly haven't tried the products that are in my possession. I received these items as a gift, but I am excited about testing 2 out of 4 of the products: the dry gel shampoo and the anti-itch serum, which are both apart of the protective styles line. I'm currently rocking Marley twists, so I'm interested to see how these products will work while I'm wearing this style.

XO, Deanna

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