There are a lot of people who are new to makeup or just want drugstore alternatives to high end make-up. So I've created a starter kit to give you guys an idea. These are not dupes, by any means; just products I've personally enjoyed over the years.

My favorite drugstore brushes are by Real Techniques. These brushes are so SOFT, and they're really affordable. You can find them at your local Target, Walmart, or Ulta. If you don't know which brush to choose, purchasing the brush sets will work just fine.

My two favorite drugstore primers are Black Radiance Beauty True Complexion Shine Control and Rimmel London's Stay Matte Primer.

The Fit Me! line has been around for a while, but they re-formulated the foundations. The Fit Me! Matte & Poreless foundation is Heaven sent!!

I love the Fit Me! concealers by Maybelline!!

Pressed Powder
I stated in my post about Black Radiance Beauty that I use they're pressed powder as a bronzer, however, I'm sure it's great if used as a pressed powder. L'Oreal also has a really good pressed powder.

Milani has some of the best drugstore blushes, if not the best.

Makeup Geek and ColourPop Cosmetics, which are technically not drugstore brands, eyeshadows are really inexpensive and super pigmented!

Maybelline has my favorite drugstore gel liner, and NYX has a really great liquid liner!

I've tried so many different mascaras, from high end to drugstore, but I always go back to Maybelline. My favorite would be the Falsies mascara.

I only use a brow pencil by NYC; it works perfectly fine for me. However, I've heard great things about NYX and ELF brow products

ColourPop, NYX and Rimmel London has some of the best lip products in the drugstore brand game; I promise!

Unfortunately, I have not found any drugstore bronzer or highlighter that I've really liked, but if you guys have any suggestions, I'm totally open to try them!! 

Have a great day!!
XO, Deanna


Good morning!

I often times find myself reaching for a casual top to go along with jeans or a skirt. Unfortunately, I don't have many options in that category, and while I'm currently in the process of changing up my wardrobe, I figured I should start with basic tops and bottoms. You can literally find basic tees and tanks anywhere, but these lovely pieces, pictured below, are from Asos. You can purchase them in packs or as individual items. 


XO, Deanna


I love lipstick. Well, I love lip products in general, so I wanted to share my favorite shades for the Winter with you guys. I honestly only wear a lippie when I'm wearing makeup, but applying some color to my lips is one step I cannot skip. I personally love a nice matte lip. It just looks well put together, if applied properly, although it's not ideal for the winter (you know, the whole dry skin, cracked lips fiasco, lol). 

I don't believe the NYX Simply Red and Simply Vamp lip creams are matte, but they dry matte on my lips, and I love it! Red is my go-to lip color, no matter the season, but I sometimes go a little bold and vampy during the Fall and Winter months. So, if you're looking for some new lippies, these may be a great addition to your collection!!

What are some of your favorite lippies?
XO, Deanna


Hey guys!

Every year, we all have these resolutions that we plan to accomplish, but we actually don't. Like, we start the year off with some new diet/workout plan, say that we'll read more or drink more water, but by the end of the year, we've stopped doing those things. I'm honestly not the "resolutions" type. At the beginning of each year, I always say that I want to be happy. Whatever comes into my life, I want it to create happiness. I only want to be surrounded by positive things, but of course, life happens. It's very important for me to find the good in every upsetting situation. Well this year, I figured I should write down a list of short term goals, and I've decided to share some of them with you.

1. Be more consistent with blogging.

I blog, but not as much as I could. I do have a day job, but I'm never too tired to create a blog post; I just choose to do other things. So, I'm going to work on that, and be more present.

2. Move forward with creative ideas.

I always have an idea to create something or start something, but I never go through with it; I plan and research, then I stop, which is not good. So, I this year, and years to come, I will proceed with all creative ideas.

3. Start budgeting and saving seriously.

I obviously budget and save money pretty well. I'm always looking for the latest deals, but the more deals I find, the more I spend money. I got away from budgeting properly, so I'm going to start back with my budget plan.

4. Learn how to use my new camera.

I have this new DSLR that I honestly have the slightest idea of how to use. I either want to take a photography class or get together with some of my photographer friends to learn some tips and tricks.

There you have it; four goals I'm going to accomplish this year and surpass years moving forward!!
XO, Deanna



As a woman of color, it's pretty hard finding brands that work with our skin complexions. Why? Well there are so many shades and undertones to work with, so not every brand gets it right, which is why I'm grateful for brands like Black Radiance Beauty. It's a brand just for us, and it's SUPER affordable.  Not to mention, the brand is gluten and cruelty free. You can find this brand at your local CVS, Target, or Walmart; it's perfect!! 

I mentioned the True Complexion Shine Control Primer in my Primer Galore blog post. Although I use this primer on top of Benefit's The Porefessional, it's a true gem, and it's only five bucks! I'm also a huge fan of the lipsticks, with my fav shade being "Treasured Brown". I use their pressed powder in "Cafe" to bronze my face, and whenever I contour, I use the Concealer Stick.

XO, Deanna


Good morning, and Happy New Year!!

So we're just gonna jump right into it. I know I've mentioned before that I'm a huge fan of shopping online. However, often times, we're not thinking about the safety and security of online shopping. Usually when we see something we like, we just go for it, then there are a ton of newsletters we're receiving everyday. Not to mention, we could all be at risk of potential annoyances (i.e.: victims of fraud). Well, here's my guide to online shopping!!

PayPal is probably one of the safest ways to purchase anything online, and with most vendors offering PayPal as a payment method, you should just go ahead and sign up. It's free to use, unless you're using it for a business of course, and it's also very easy to use. Just sign up, securely add your bank account information (debit and/or credit cards, too), and start shopping!!

I only began using Ebates recently and I love it! Not only do you receive cash back from shopping, you're also given so many coupons and promotions to also help your shopping experience!!

Retail Me Not is the probably the best place to find coupons and promotions. I've been using this site for years and it hasn't failed me yet. However, with the coupon codes, you have to sometimes check them all to find one that actually works, but other than that, it's pretty great! You can also use Retail Me Not for in-store promotions. Just download the app, find the store, and show the coupon to the associate at checkout.

You can find pretty much anything on Amazon, and for a discounted price, usually (depends on the product). Another great thing about Amazon is you can received up 7% cash back using Ebates!!

I technically haven't used this app as I just heard about it yesterday afternoon, but it was created to make it easier to unsubscribe from promotional emails. We all sign up for email promotion when shopping at a new site (they sometimes offer amazing deals for first time shoppers), but become completely annoyed when we have an inbox full of emails that aren't really necessary. Let's all try Unroll.me together!

Search Engines
Bing and Google are your friends. Literally type in a description of what you're looking for, and it'll be found!

Happy Shopping!
XO, Deanna
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