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Wash days are the longest days for me; it literally takes all day. However, in order for me to get the maximum amount of hydration in my hair, I'm totally ok with the amount of time it takes. So today, I'm sharing my current hair necessities on wash days. 

Each day I wash my hair, I pre-poo, shampoo/co-wash, and deep condition. I obviously apply a leave-in conditioner once I complete those steps, and depending on how I style, I'll use a curling soufflé of some sort (I typically go for twist outs). Last but certainly not least, I sometimes use a wide tooth comb/denman brush to detangle and clips (not pictured) to keep my hair separated.

What are your go-to products on wash day?
XO, Deanna


  1. Yes on that coconut oil & Shea moisture. Me, Homemade clay wash, Tresemme natural, best Africa oil to seal & homemade Shea butter

    1. That's awesome! I want to try a clay wash. I'm a little nervous, though lol


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