Often times, we are told to drink more water, which is true. We should drink more water. The problem is most of us are unaware of how much we should consume. I've personally been told half of your body weight or a gallon, or more, a day. That's a bit much, especially if you aren't on some new workout regimen, or in a climate, that requires you to consume a lot more. Honestly, the amount of water you need is dependent upon so many things, such as your age, body size, activity, and more. However, eight 8oz (half a gallon) glasses a day is just enough to prevent dehydration. Today, I've listed a few benefits that will help to encourage your daily water consumption.

Less Dehydration Spells: As stated before, drinking at least eight 8oz glasses a day will help to prevent dehydration. If you're feeling fatigue randomly throughout the day, you may need to drink more water.

Minimum Skin Problems: Sure, some have issues that have to be medically treated, but drinking a healthy amount of water will reduce acne problems and give you a nice glow.

Improve Digestive System: Water helps to improve your body's ability to break down food, which can reduce any discomfort or digestion issues.

Prevents Cramps: Hydration helps keep your muscles more elastic and your joints lubricated, so you'll experience less pain.

Save Money: By using reusable water bottles, or actual glass cups, and drinking filtered water, you save a little cash. How? Well, you're no longer spending money on juices, sodas, or even bottled water. Buy a filter! Lol

Have any additional tips? Share in the comments below! :)
XO, Deanna

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