Growing long, healthy hair and retaining your length are not unreachable goals. Although I'm not fully natural just yet, I have experienced many forms of damage: split ends, heat, lack of moisture, etc. Yet my hair still grows! This simple routine, after many years of trial and error, works for my hair. We all have different hair textures and types, but these tips may make your journey to long and healthier hair a little easier.

1. The "One Style Per Week" Rule
It's pretty simple. Pick one style and wear it for that week. Over-styling your hair can cause major damage, like heat & hair color, if you're not allowing time for it to relax. 

2. Time Between Washes
I generally wash my hair once a week. Now that I am transitioning, once my hair is clean, I like to use a leave-in conditioner, essential oil, and curl lotion/cream when protective styling. Throughout the week, I keep my hair hydrated with a mixture of water and leave-in conditioner. 

3. Protective Styling
Protective styling is probably what I should've been doing years ago, but honestly, I'm really just getting into it (within the last 2 years). Your protective style should last no less than 5 days. Preserve your styles by using a satin/silk bonnet/scarf when you sleep at night.

4. Balance Moisture
Depending on your hair's texture, it may require more or less moisture. When your hair's moisture is perfectly balanced, it grows easily, it's more flexible and it's stronger, which makes it less prone to breakage. Here are a few signs of what your hair may be going through when it comes to moisture:

Over-moisturized hair: product build-up
Under-moisturized hair: dry, flaky scalp, brittle hair, and damaged ends
Balanced moisture: flexible, moisture retention, and strength.

5. Control Damage
The sooner you control any damage to your hair, the quicker you'll be on the journey to healthier, growing hair.

XO, Deanna

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