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If you're like me, you love lip products (i.e.: lipstick, lipgloss, lip balm, etc.). I often times battle with what type of lip shade I should wear for a certain occasion, and I recently saw a guide on Pinterest. Normally, because of my skin complexion, I stick with the berry, red, and plum shades; every so often, I'll wear a nude or pink shade that's not too bright (I don't want my lips to look ashy lol), or I'll settle for a simple clear gloss or lip balm. I've decided to recreate this guide and share a few tips.

First dates are traditionally romantic, however, times have changed. You can never go wrong with a rose colored/romantic shade of lipstick or gloss. It's subtle, as well as flirty.

During a job interview, you want to give the best first impression. Depending on the job, your experience is only a fraction of what your potential employer is looking for; you also have to factor in appearance, personality, and a few other things. A berry shade lipstick is great; it's not too harsh and it also shows that you are feminine.

When officially meeting your boyfriend's family, you probably would want your first impression to be that you are sweet and innocent. Peachy shades of lipgloss does just that.

For a night out on the town, whether it's for drinks or a night out dancing, red lips are perfect. It makes everything (make-up and attire) pop. Because there are SO many different shades of red, make sure the shade you choose is best for your skin complexion.

If you wear make-up when you're running errands (i.e.: grocery shopping, post office runs, etc), a nice nude lip works. Honestly, when you're running errands, you're not looking to impress anyone. So, this is for those of you who like to look presentable without overdoing it.

For business meetings, wine/plum shade lipsticks are great. It shows that you are serious and not to be mistaken as lesser than.

Weddings, dinner parties, etc. are all considered special occasions. Like peachy shades, shades of pink lipstick or gloss shows that you are sweet; pink shades also shows that you are fun and girly, with a soft side. 

Always remember, for ANY shade of lip product, consider your skin complexion. Hope this helps!
*all lip products pictured are Bobbi Brown Cosmetics*

XO, Deanna


  1. What's a good color to go with if you want to remain very natural looking (light-skinned, pinkish full lips) and if you are not a makeup wearing lady but want to spice it up a bit?

    1. I think nude or rose colored shades would work best for you. You could also try berry shades. Because you wear very minimum make-up, darker shades could possibly be a bit much.


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