Make-up, make-up, make-up!

This beauty enhancer is EVERYTHING & I truly believe it's a girl's best friend (yes, even over diamonds). Often times, there are some who believe that women use make-up to cover their flaws. Well, this is true; we like to correct the imperfections (i.e: blemishes, acne, etc.). However, make-up should not be used to change the shape of your face; that's false advertisement. Make-up is a form of art and our faces are the canvases, but try not to over do it; simplicity is key (unless you're in some drastic make-up competition lol).

I believe make-up is an accessory and it completes an outfit, whether it's day or night make-up. I have a few go-to products that I CANNOT forget. They're kind of like, dare I say it, my make-up addictions.


This bad boy really does the job. It conceals & brightens all at the same time. I use 3 different brands daily for different areas of my face (eyebrows, under eye, & blemishes); yes, they are in 3 different tones.

Favorite Brands:


Maximize and volumize your lashes; it brightens your eyes. I typically use 2 coats of mascara, any more could possible cause damage to your lashes, and believe or not, your eyelashes are extremely important.

Favorite Brands:


BB Cream is perfect for those with minimum acne & blemishes. It's not heavy, unlike some foundations. I pretty much wear BB Cream daily, unless there's a special occasion.

Favorite Brands:

XO, Deanna

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