To be completely honest, Valentine's Day is definitely not one of my favorite holidays. Single or not, I have never had a great day lol. However, despite my dislike for the holiday, I've decided to help a few of you out with a gift guide.

No, you do not have to get exactly what I've listed, because: 1. these are things I personally would like and 2. these are just ideas. Know your lady (or guy) well enough to know what he or she likes. They may not even want a gift. 

flowers | watch | necklace | perfume

Guys like gifts, too! So I also took the liberty of creating a gift guide for men. Btw, I totally do not know what guys would like. I asked some of my guy friends and they all said that they do not know what they would want lol, so I'm just winging it. 

cologne | shoes | baked goods | watch

XO, Deanna


Hey guys! You're probably wondering what this saving challenge is all about. Well, if you're a Pinterest fanatic, like myself, then you should already know what it is, considering that it's been pinned EVERYWHERE.

This chart is pretty self-explanatory, but I'll guide those who seem to be lost.

Beginning with week #1, if you save $1.00, your total savings will be $1.00. Week #2, save $2.00, your total savings will be $3.00. Week #3, save $3.00, your total savings will be $6.00, and so on and so forth. Now, because it's week #4, you should just put away $10.00 :)


It helps to have a proper location for your savings (i.e.: savings account, safe in your home, etc.)

XO, Deanna
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